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Featured Course

BSO 102 | Buddhist Meditation in Theory and Practice

A 4-week online course with Dr. Daniel M. Stuart (June 28 - July 23, 2021).


Self-Study Courses

BSO 101 | Intro to Buddhism: History, Philosophy, and Practice

An 18-hour online course with Dr. Kate Hartmann.


Upcoming Courses

  • BSO 102 | Buddhist Meditation in Theory and Practice
    (June 28 - July 23, 2021) w/ Dr. Daniel Stuart

  • BSO 103 | An Introduction to Indian Buddhist Philosophy
    (Aug 16 - Sep 10, 2021) w/ Dr. Karin Meyers

  • BSO 201 | Bodhicāryāvatara: A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life
    (Sep 20 - Oct 29, 2021) w/ Dr. Jay Garfield

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