Podcast | Kate Hartmann on the Yogic Studies Podcast

bso 101 pilgrimage podcast tibetan buddhism yogic studies yogic studies podcast Apr 13, 2021
Yogic Studies Podcast

BSO Director Kate Hartmann was recently invited to sit down with BSO Founder Seth Powell on the Yogic Studies Podcast to celebrate the launch of Buddhist Studies Online. We learn about Kate's story, her background in academia and Buddhism, travels in Asia, how she first met Seth as grad students at Harvard. Kate discusses her research on pilgrimage and the importance of place and perception within Tibetan Buddhism. Kate also gives a sneak peak at her upcoming online course, BSO 101 | Intro to Buddhism: History, Philosophy, and Practice. Kate and Seth discuss the historical Buddha, the Four Noble Truths, common misperceptions about Buddhism, and much more.

Listen to the episode here:  




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