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Explore the rich and multifaceted ways in which Buddhists have sought to overcome suffering and attain enlightenment across Asia. Uncover the incredible ways Buddhism has changed, innovated, and been adopted by millions of practitioners across space and time.


Go beyond mindfulness meditation and study Buddhist philosophy through an immersion into the primary source texts of the traditions. Uncover the theories that animate Buddhist practice in texts such as the Bodhicāryāvatāra, Visuddhimagga, Lotus Sūtra, and more.


Open new worlds by studying classical Buddhist languages such as Sanskrit, Pali, and Tibetan. Improve your comprehension of Buddhist philosophy, practices, and narratives by immersing with primary texts in their original language.

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Join a global community of hundreds of practitioners and students from around the world in a serious, non-sectarian, and evidence-based exploration of Buddhist teachings and practice.

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